Stream Live


Your community will benefit from your efforts.  Not only will the LIVE cameras showcase points of interest but they will stream community activities and local pride.  Web viewers will be able to watch and share the website with friends via social media.  And word travels fast on social media… Friends of friends will watch the LIVE cameras and book travel to share your community!  Your cameras may showcase a historical downtown, a cool animal at the zoo, a marina with boats coming and going, a peaceful lake view, a radical ski run, an active theme park, or a sporting arena.  The skies the limit, literally, as some cameras simply point toward the west to capture gorgeous sunsets. 


As a CVB you may represent many resorts, destinations, attractions and places of interest in the community.  Whether these entities are members or not, you likely feel the need to assist them in their marketing efforts.  We’ve successfully worked with CVBs to put them in the driver’s seat and support them in their advocacy role.  Organizing a network of LIVE cameras located in all of the points of interest in the community will firmly position you in this leadership role.  All of the LIVE feeds can be consolidated on your website and each member will share their own.  Connecting the websites in this way shows a unity amongst the community to welcome newcomers in an authentic way.

TV Stations

Over the past 20+ years, we’ve built a strong business relationship with over 150 TV stations in the U.S. and Canada.  Your LIVE cameras can be easily accessed by our TV station clients because our technology allows camera sharing!  Our TV station clients LOVE new content to share on-air during news and weather broadcasts.  They can only afford so many cameras themselves, so if a community or tourism destination has our cameras too, the TV station can use them!  Remember, TV stations WANT to showcase their local community and YOU want to share your destinations with many TV stations.  Specific logos, business names, camera sponsors can be affixed to the LIVE camera feed so that everyone wins.  You and your members may negotiate on-air mentions every evening in return for giving the station more content.  Your exposure just expanded beyond your wildest dreams!

Question and Answer

Q – Do you have to use a WM camera, why can’t I just use any web camera

A – What differentiates a WM camera from others is the WM proprietary software which allows a standard camera to be compatible and optimized for HD TV viewing, LIVE streaming to multiple web sites, and all of the additional features that TV stations use when on-air.  (time-lapse, social media, frame grab, etc.)

Q – What content are stations looking for?

A – The TV industry is CONTENT hungry.  The better the view the more the TV stations will use your camera so we encourage and help our clients find the optimal view to showcase.  Of course your LOCAL TV station wants to see ANYTHING of interest in your area since they are trying to promote LOCAL TV.

Q – Why would a television station want to use your destination camera?

A – TV Stations struggle with finding good locations and views themselves as they build their TV Camera Network with limited resources.  We have found that the Destination Industry provides some GREAT views that the TV industry loves, so you are helping them while they are helping you!

Q – How many stations can use it?

A – ANY of the WM TV stations can access your camera and all of them can use your camera simultaneously if you have a “stellar” view/shot.  If there is a TV station that you want access to and they aren’t already our client, we can partner to go speak to them about getting our system and sharing cameras.

Q – Do television stations want this content?

A – YES, YES, YES, “Content is King” in the TV industry and the TV industry loves cameras and LOCAL content.

Q – What makes these cameras the best choice to showcase a destination?

A – HD quality, 30 frames per second, zoom and pan/tilt capabilities, beautiful color and image quality!

Q – What do television stations care about?

A – TV stations are looking for content and great LIVE shots of their viewing area.  They can’t bear the entire load themselves so TV stations love for you to capture a LOCAL landmark from your location and share it with them.  As long as your camera can produce the specs the TV station is looking for, your in!