There are endless ways that you can utilize LIVE cameras as a marketing tool for your business. But here are a few to get your creative juices flowing!

Create Time lapses! Everyone loves to watch a good time lapse, because it is a great way to tell a story!

 Capture a time lapse showcasing:

  • An event, indoor or outdoor! People coming and going, laughing, eating, sharing, activities
  • Something new being built or a renovation taking place
  • A sunrise or sunset
  • Interesting weather conditions over a lake, seascape, city scape or resort

These can then be posted to your website, or shared on social media to promote/market an event for the years to come.

Here are some examples of time lapses our current clients have captured and utilized.


Jacksonville Florida


E-mail Campaigns

 E-mail marketing is a cost effective way to keep both your leisure and group customers informed!

Here are a few ideas for utilizing YOUR OWN Authentic content generated from cameras to send out in an e-mail campaign.


Our software saves one image every 30 seconds, so you can pull images right off the computer and use them for images on your e-mail campaigns.

Bridge-ocean-view(W) Greece2(w) VENICEwithwater(W)Ocean-beach(W) Boatsonwater(W)  paltrees(W)


Also, you can send out the links to your LIVE cameras in an e-mail campaign (asking them to favor it)

Tiger Park Jacksonville      

Social Media


With our software, it’s easy to share images from your camera! Be creative. Involve your followers, by generating conversation about an image or video clip. (daily sunrise, daily sun set). Share the link to your live feed on Social Media to promote live events. Generate a buzz and get people watching! 

Show new construction/renovations in your destination. 


A great way to keep your visitors and potential visitors informed of changes going on in your city! Highlight all the great new things going on and why they should come visit (or come back for a second visit).

Promote Local Events


Send out information prior to an even with the link. “Come join us live for our fireworks display this year” Or showcase your college town/game to alumni that have moved away, but still want to “experience” the excitement! What a great way to build local advocacy and stakeholder support than to show off local events! Send the live link out to Meeting Planners that you are trying to get group business from when you have a big event going on to let them “see” for themselves your city in action with groups of people. 

Print and Digital Advertising

You will have a ton of content at your fingertips with cameras. You don’t need to hire a photographer every few month to capture images. Utilize the images you can pull from the camera to advertise in your next magazine or when designing your next digital advertisement! 


Consolidated Website

Pocono MountainsPut the Live feed on your website and anyone else’s! You can share the camera feed with as many partners as you wish to promote the community. 



Inspiring ways to grow your business!


Check out this 90 sec video that shows:




opportunities for website


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